My name is Michelle Watson, born Michelle Lee Thomas in Springfield, Missouri.

I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. I work at home and run my own company from my bonus room at the back of our garage. Because my daughter and granddaughter live with us, I get to spend a lot of time looking after a very active and imaginative 4-year-old while her mommy works. It is one of the great joys of my life.

I would have to say, though, that the greatest joy of my life is words. I like reading them, writing them, helping others’ words sound and read better, and learning new words on a regular basis. Of the 5 games on my phone, three of them are word-related.

How did it all start? What causes a person to grow up loving words so much? Well, it was natural to me, winning the spelling bees of my first grade class as we practiced our spelling words each week. In fourth grade I was introduced to the most amazing thing I had learned up to that point–diagramming sentences. Yes, I spent my next summer diagramming sentences just for fun. I still do to this day, only now it is in my head; I wouldn’t want to keep a written record of my craziness.

In seventh grade, I had a language arts teacher who let me help her grade papers. I got a sad kind of thrill going through the papers with that red pen, knowing that I didn’t make the mistakes my classmates did. I also felt a little sorry for them; she was a teacher who took off points for writing outside the margins, and I never figured out why that was such a difficult rule for junior high kids. But, I got to be the one marking through the errant writing of those out-of-bounds students. It was FUN!

Now, I am in my 40s and grateful to be at this point. My love of language has served me well. I am now a writer and editor, writing for two local magazines and editing anything from blogs to employee manuals to books. I write because I like to tell others’ stories, so most of my writing is research-based or journalistic in nature. I edit because I want the things that other people write to be the best they can be. I specialize in nonfiction, though I enjoy making sure a fictional story reads well, too.

Through this blog I want to give you writing tips, but also share with you things I have learned about business and life. I might even throw in a book review or two. You will get to read about my Christian beliefs as well. Because, well, if our faith isn’t so much a part of a life that we apply it in everything we do, it becomes a pointless faith, does it not?

I look forward to reading your comments and interacting with you as we learn and read together. And if you have a blog, be sure to include it in your comments so that others and I might follow you.