This weekend I attended an event called God, Golf and Girls. It was an amazing time with women who truly believe in serving God and others, helping each other succeed, and using golf to make important connections. God, Golf and Girls is an annual golf retreat hosted by Georgia Christian Business Network and Golf Women Mean Business. For two days we girls networked, built on relationships, learned biblically-based business principles, and learned how to swing a club.

We were told that GOLF can be an important part of any Christian’s life because we use it as an acronym for God, Our Loving Father. I like that idea. See, I was once told I could not play golf because it is for men only, and all I wanted to do was learn to play so I could represent the place where I worked in charity events. Believe me, I had no intention of infringing on the men’s need to build camaraderie on the course.

However, it is no longer only men who are making deals on the golf course. Women are, too. We are becoming CEOs, business owners, the movers and shakers of our cities and states. We even have women running for the highest political office in the land. But, men still dominate the corporate and political world. That means we women have to go where the men are to make our deals with them. And if the men are on the golf course, then we will be there, too. If men wanted to keep golf so sacredly to themselves they should have been more open to dealing with us in the boardroom or on their staffs. So, really, they brought this on themselves.

Enough about golf. Let’s discuss the other things we talked about.

We talked about business, from the importance of having both a business and a personal plan to using social media effectively in leveraging sales.

We also talked about God. How He has a plan and we are each a part of it. How He expects us to be honest in all our business dealings because we represent Him. And because there are those pesky things called laws that require integrity in business, unless of course you want to face losing your license or accreditation or face jail time. Sometimes operating a business with integrity means you have to fire an employee or a client. Sometimes it means you have to assist in an investigation that will result in someone going to prison. Or, it may mean accepting responsibilities for your own mistakes (even unknown ones) that could result in your own imprisonment.

The most important thing to remember in all your dealings is that you are in business for one reason, and one reason alone: To bring glory and honor to God. Christ said if He is lifted up, He will draw all men unto Himself. So, lift Him up. As people are drawn to Him, they will be drawn to you and thus you will get more business. It’s a win-win for you.

Perhaps the greatest highlight of the evening was when each attendee gave words of affirmation to at least one other attendee. The words I received from a dear woman named Gladys and another one named Claire meant more to me than the entire weekend. Likewise, the wisdom that Carla and I shared during another small, one-on-one break out was priceless.

When you combine women who love God and each other with networking and a joint golf session, the result is an unstoppable force. We were made for more than this life has to offer, and we are going after Him to get it!