Christy Wright has done many great things with Business Boutique.

The Audience

Women business owners. Wright wrote the book for women who either haven’t started their businesses or who have just started out. However, I have been in business two years and found it to be quite helpful.

The Best Parts

The first thing that is great about the book is that it has a Christian focus. Of course, this is to be expected considering the fact that Wright works for Dave Ramsey, one of the most popular Christian financial advisors today. But, the book is not so religious that it isn’t practical. In fact, just the opposite. It contains every bit of practical advice a new business owner needs.

I have a confession. I run on two ends of the spectrum. I either do a lot of over planning and don’t execute things (planning is a great procrastination method, and often easily excused), or I don’t plan much (if at all) and just live “by the seat of my pants.” I made it through most of my business plan, but without the direction I really believed I needed, I abandoned it before finishing. This brings me to the one thing I love most about Business Boutique. It is a complete business plan! Wright takes you through every step of a business plan, with lots of information and stories to inspire you ad give you examples. Each chapter covers a different part of your business plan, and when you are finished, you can take all of the answers to the end-of-chapter questions and put it into one comprehensive plan. IT’S GREAT!!!

The “Worst” Parts

Okay, there aren’t any “worst” parts. I just included it for the sake of balance in my headings. But, I will tell you at least one negative.

One bad thing about Business Boutique is that it is sooooo comprehensive.There is no way I will remember everything I should when I am finished, so I will have to re-read it at least once, and make sure I have a pen or highlighter in hand to take notes. But, that’s not really a bad thing. In fact, it helps assure me that I am getting my money’s worth.

Overall Assessment

I recommend the book for everyone who wants to start a business. It is for women as a target audience, but anyone who is just starting a company can truly benefit from Wright’s wisdom. I have listened to several of her podcasts and heard her on the radio a time or two. Sometimes, when I am reading, I can hear her voice reading the words to me. As a teacher once told me about my own writing, this means she has a very distinctive voice, not just audibly, but in her writing. Her voice is what makes Wright such a good and comprehensive writer.