Years ago (many years ago) if someone said I was creative, I would say, “No, I just know how to follow instructions.” That was somewhat true. Because I was afraid of being creative. I was afraid of not following directions or a given pattern. I had done enough patterns in cross stitching, crocheting, quilting, etc., to know what happens when you don’t follow the pattern–the entire project ends up askew.
Then, for years I still considered myself to lack creativity, and added crafty to the things I am not. Really, I am not. It’s true. I can do a craft if you give me the instructions, but I will probably never create or design my own.
But, something has shifted. I don’t know what it was. Maybe it was Pastor Jane Evans‘s take on Philippians 4:13 that put everything in perspective. Maybe it was playing the flute for Influencers Arts Academy’s Christmas Showcase (recital). Or, maybe it was picking up the clarinet again and giving it a whirl, with the determination that I will add three more instruments to the three I already play.
I think it was all of this and so much more. It was my surrendering to God’s will for my life. It was saying, “God created us all to create; we just have to figure out what,” and it finally sinking in that it really does apply to me! I really am creative.
Not only am I creative, I am artistic. I might not be able to decorate the Blue Room or see a vision for furniture placement, but I know color coordination. I know how to make art quilts and how to design a quilt block if I decide not to follow a pattern. I know how to adapt knitting stitches so I can make a pattern with them. I know how to paint beautiful linear landscapes and I am learning to draw. I can make beautiful melodies spontaneously on the flute so there is no reason I can’t do the same on other instruments I play. I can write great non-fiction, but recently learned that when the time is right I can also create a heart-wrenching spoken word poem.
I said all of that to ask this: What are you good at creating? Baked goods? We all have to eat. Music? We all need it to uplift our spirits–God created us that way. Candles? I am looking at one right now that has different natural things like sticks and leaves embedded in the mold of the candle. Graphics? As authors create more and more books, we need more good graphic artists for covers and layout.
Whatever it is, ask God to show you. He will.
And, look for more to come. There will be more books soon written by me, Topflight Communication, Inc.’s founder, Michelle Watson. There will also be a new artists website of things I have painted, created, and designed. Continue to follow Topflight Communication, Inc. on Facebook and look for The Charming Artist on Facebook to find out all of the latest news as products become available.