Many people have a habit of adding an -s to the end of a word. Especially when naming places. You hear them all the time when they say “Wal-Marts” (“Wal-Mart”) or “JCPenneys” (“JCPenney”) They also add an -s to the end of our company name, incorrectly saying “Topflight Communications.” Additionally, when they write the company name, they often write “Top Flight” instead writing it as one word as it should be.

I thought I would write a post to explain the origin of the name and the rules that make “Topflight Communication” the grammatically correct form of our name.

We Are a Topflight Company

“Topflight” is one word because it is an adjective, a synonym of “the best.” To separate the compound word into two changes the meaning. As with the popular golf balls, “Top Flight” means reaching top flight, and balls that fly high are what you want when you are on the golf course. Although you might want words that fly high, that is not exactly the image we are going for. Rather, we want to be seen as the company that gets your communication to the point of being the best it can be–topflight.

When you combine “top” and “flight,” what would normally be an adjective and a noun, you have two options. You either join the two by making them one compound word, or you hyphenate them. That is the grammatical rule when combining an adjective and a noun to make them a single adjective. “Top-flight” would look silly, so the word is simply “Topflight.”

We Are a Communication Company

“Communications” refers to the system used for sending and receiving messages. AT&T is a communications company because they provide the fiber optics, internet, wi-fi, and telephone lines to make communicating possible. Sprint, T-Mobile, and Comcast, along with many others, are all communications companies for the same reason.

Topflight Communication, Inc., does not provide the systems by which communication takes place. We are not a “communications” company.

Why do we say “Communication” instead of “Communications”? This mistake is one that, as I said, is commonly made with many place names. However, there is a significant difference between a “communication” company and a “communications” company.

“Communication” is the process of two or more parties exchanging messages, or communicating, with each other. Communication can be in the form of verbal or nonverbal actions. It can be written or spoken, implicit or  implied. Our company promotes and trains on communication–how to send and receive messages more efficiently and accurately.

Hopefully, understanding the reasoning and the grammar rules behind the reasoning in our company name will give you a little insight into why we chose the name we did for our company. We are quite intentional about everything we do, and the message our name communicates is no exception because we want you to know we will be just as intentional about your messages reaching your intended audience.